What to Do When Bitten by Albany Stray Cat

Bites of the New York stray cats should not be taken lightly. The bite of the cat only amounts to 15% of the reported animal attacks. However, there is always a possibility that it will lead to infections. When you have been bitten by a stray cat, you need to immediately call the animal removal company. You should also talk to your physician to determine if you are exposed to certain health risks.

Things to Do If You’ve Been Bitten by Albany Stray Cat
Stray cat’s bite can happen to anyone especially if the cats are frequenting your property due to the ample food supply. Once they feel threatened, they may retaliate and bite you. In case you suffered a wound from their attack, there are some things you need to do to guarantee that you will remain safe from the related risks.

Determine If You Are at Risk of Contracting Disease
While most of the cats will not show any symptoms of bacterial infection, they can still be a possible carrier of Pasteurella multocida. This type of bacteria thrives in the mouth of the cats that may lead to infection once you have been bitten. Another possible health risks related with their bites would be Tetanus. You need to make sure that your vaccine is updated. The bite of the stray cat can be quite deep and will sometimes be contaminated with germs and dirt. Stray cats are also possible carrier of rabies. You will be shocked to know that there are more rabies cases that involves cats than dogs in the US. Be sure to consult your local physician to find out if you are at risk of these diseases.

Apply First Aid
Applying first aid on the wound can lessen the possibility that it will lead to infections. You need to quickly wash the wound with soap in a running water. Try to press the area around the wound that will encourage the bleeding. We do not recommend the prevention of the bleeding especially if it is not excessive. This can assist in expelling the germs and bacteria. When looking for a disinfectant, you should not use a product that contains a strong chemical. This may cause harm on your tissue and will affect the rate of the healing process.

Seeking for a Medical Help
While some of the bites of the stray cats will heal without any medical intervention, infection can still occur 24 hours after being bitten by the cat. Based on the latest stats, out of 193 victims of cat bite, around 36 of them have been admitted in a medical facility. Around 154 of them were administered with antibiotics. Some of the usual complications involved in stray cat bites include loss of mobility of the joint, abscesses, and nerve involvement.

The bite of the stray cats in your hand can be quite hazardous since the joints and the tendon sheaths can be found here. Surgery and disinfection of the wound may be necessary. During extreme situation, the bite of the cat may cause bone infections.

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